Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 



1.What is your wedding day or special event philosophy?

"Your Day... Your Way!" Cut to me saying: "It's a Wedding! NOT a modeling photo session!" Your favorite photographs from your wedding day will be of what really happened, not what the photographer made happen. Your wedding day shouldn't be ruined by a bossy photographer who keeps you away from your family and friends by spending way too much time taking posed, 'modeling' or faked photos. We also believe every package should include REAL usable photographs too, (not just thumbnail contact sheets). Great photos are meant to be shared, that's why we include a website, CD, inexpensive reprints & lots of photos with every package. We are honest and upfront with our pricing and don't nickel and dime you to death. If you are fortunate enough to have us as your wedding day photographers we will unobtrusively get the GREAT images you want without ruining your day.


2.Do you limit the number of photographs taken?

NO, with our wedding photojournalism photography style we take whatever amount of shots it takes to get your event covered properly!


3.Do you have time limits on re-orders and album ordering?

No, we work with you according to your time schedule. Some photographers have stiff penalties written in the fine print of their contracts that punish you for not conforming to their schedule ...that's just not our style!


4.How many events do you photograph in a day?

Only one large-sized event per day, this insures we have the time energy and enthusiasm to do the best possible job for you! This also insures that if you need extra time or we need to change the time (at the last minute) we are available for you.


5.Do you use other photographers?

No, I always shoot events myself as your main photographer with an assistant when needed. This way we get optimal coverage of your special day.


6.Are you digital?

Yes, my images are taken with high-end digital cameras. They are all post processed for color balance, crop, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and manually touched up for best quality.


7.What is your booking/deposit/payment policy?

One half of contract amount as initial retainer. To insure your date remains locked-in, remaining of the total package amount must be paid  prior to your event date or on the day of the event.


8.Why is there such a wide varying range of prices among photographers?

Most experienced photographers base their price on their cost of materials, equipment, education, experience, expertise and quality. No two are on the same level, so neither are their prices. Ultimately you'll get what you pay for. Since your wedding day will be unrepeatable and since your photographs will be irreplaceable and will help preserve your memories the rest of your life you will have no regrets if you choose your photographer based on the style you like and then work with them to develop a program you can afford. You will be the most unhappy if you skimp on this process.


9.Why are most wedding or special event photographers pictures posed and prearranged?

Predictable results. It's easiest to know what you will get if you 'set-up' each shot. (cut to me saying 'cookie cutter') Most traditional photographers photograph your wedding with one goal in mind, can I sell additional copies of this picture? If the answer is no, they won't take it. That is why many photographers will refuse to take certain pictures and candid at your event.


10.My resort is trying to push me to use their photographer?

Too often the highly recommended 'resort' photographer isn't the best photographer in the area but too often the one who gives the resort the biggest kickback. (We don't give kickbacks) If you are using a photographer at your event for any length of time (5 hours plus) then it is often better to bring your own photographer because they will be 100% dedicated to you and experiencing the inspirational excitement of the event as it unfolds just like you are, whereas the 'resort' photographer may be in the rut of the same-old job and wanting to quickly get to the next assignment.


11.What about rules or restrictions at my church or synagogue?

We follow all rules and restrictions ... we have never had a problem getting our job done within the parameters of the venues requirements. Most locations don't want the photographers to interrupt or be intrusive. On the locations where flash or strobe photography is not permitted, the client has to inform the photographer in advance and must accept the resulting photographs taken in natural light with these limitations.


12.Will you visit my location prior to my event ?

Yes, we usually like to meet with you and the coordinator prior to your event at the location and discuss the plan and timetable, if that isn't possible we arrive early enough to do a walk through before we begin.


13.How do the hours in your packages work?

The hours in our packages start when the photography starts. Initial travel time and setup time is included in the package but isn't deducted from the package photography hours. We have tried to make the packages generous in hours to insure we get your day covered properly. Because we only shoot one event per day you can hire us 'on-the-spot' for more time if required.


14.Do you let guests take pictures and can we put disposable cameras on the tables?

Yes, there is no restriction on your event photography, but how many paparazzi do you really want at your event ? I will make you a bet that my photos will be slightly better than the expensive ones your guests take with their cameras. If we have a formal group photo session immediately after the event, I ask that guests refrain from congregating in the aisle or around my equipment and don't allow flash photography as it hinders our ability to get the best possible job done in the least amount of time. You may want to ask 'Peter Paparazzi... photographer to the stars' to not create problems for your hired professionals. Nothing worse than grandpa with his disposable camera at the ceremony stepping out into the aisle during the bride & groom kiss and blocking the professional photographers picture... so here's your professional photograph of the back of grandpas head! And grandpas 'kiss' shot... oops, looks like his finger blocked the action!. If there is another professional photographer or videographer covering the same event, please advise them to co-operate with your hired photographer by not interfering or obstructing in each other's view. 


15.What about special requested shots?

Not a problem, we are happy to take whatever photos you want at your event. It's your day ...have it your way! We will use it for whatever you want! You must make sure that you make yourselves and your guests available for the shot. In the rush of the events to make sure its not missed, you must assign a person in charge to make sure its well co-ordinated and all are made available for photographing.


16.Do you accept lists of photographs that we want?

Yes, only after you've signed the waiver contained in our contract. Many photographers have been sued for missing a picture that was on a list. Your coordinator and my assistant will use your list as an organizational tool to assist me in creating what is important to you. I will take more than just what is on the list because we takes photos based on artistic eye and wouldn't be as creative if we limited to just the listed shots.


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