Pre-planning notes and reminders (use these guidelines as they apply to your event)
• Make sure that everyone involved in your pre-wedding portrait session (1.5 - 2 hours before the wedding) are dressed, made-up and ready on time. (may include parents, grandparents, invited guests and wedding party) Let us know if you want these taken as formal portraits (posed and looking at the camera) or more casual photojournalistic style (where everyone is naturally interacting and the photos are taken without the guests looking at the camera.)
• If you prefer the photojournalistic style where people are NOT looking at the camera, be sure to tell your guests to ignore the cameraman.
• If you want the flowers in the pre-wedding photos, be sure they arrive 30 minutes before the photos begin.
• Ask someone in the bridal party to be the bridal coordinator (someone who knows most of the people involved in the photo sessions) to help the photographers assistant with bringing together the people for the photographs.
• Be sure everyone involved in the photo sessions have been given a copy of the agenda/schedule and the guidelines.
• DO NOT bring anyone not in the group photos, if people gather it will be the responsibility of the bridal coordinator to insure they remain well out of the way so as not to delay the days events.
• Make sure that those family members you wish to have included in your formal family portraits remain at the church after the ceremony. (I cannot be held responsible for any shots that may be missed due to your guests not being ready)
• Ask someone to assist you with your dress so as to avoid dirt and damage in outdoor settings.
• Our policy of NO FLASH photography during the formal photography session is for your sake as well as ours. Additional flash makes one hypersensitive to blinking and also may interfere with our flash system and ruin your photos. The time for photographs after the ceremony is very limited, our concentration and speed are important; you’ve hired a professional to do the job right, do not let an amateur photographer/guest ruin your professional photos and cause unnecessary delays.
Copy and distribute the followings to group photo participants prior to your wedding:
You are invited to the private group photo session directly after the service. Once everyone has cleared out (5-10 minutes after the service) we will meet for formal group photos at the front -where the ceremony took place.
A note from the bride & groom:
We need your help to insure our complete wedding-day experience is enjoyable for all. During the formal photo session please leave the photography to the highly-skilled professionals we have hired. Please stay close, quiet and ready for your photograph when called so we do not end up late to our reception. So you will not miss anything, we have made special arrangements to have all the photos posted online for ordering.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.